Santigold Tour 2016 - 2017

About The Santigold

Biography Santigold

She went to local school and then graduated from college, where she specialized in music. The nickname «Santigold» was given to vocalist by her friend in the 1990sand then remained. As a young singer, she began her career as a vocalist in ska-punk band «Stiffed» that released EP «Sex Sells»...

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99¢ (2016)

New Tour: 99¢

99¢ (2016) is the latest album by Santi White, more famous on stage by her artistic nickname Santigold. TheCD was released under Atlantic Records on February 26. The album has three singles inside, two of which were recorded...

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Master Of My Make-Believe (2012)

New Tour: Master Of My Make-Believe

Master of Make-Believe is an album of American musician, songs writer and producer Santigold or previously Santogold (also known as Santi White) which were released in 2012. Her name was given to her by her friends as a nick name...

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Santigold (Santi White, Santogold – previous pseudonyms) is a famous American singer, author of songs and producer, which was born in Philadelphia in 1976. She took such “stage name” thanks to her nickname, which was given to her at 1990 by her friends. This artist worked on the Epic Records. There she was a representative of group which found new talents. Then superstar resigned and released an album as a co-author with Res. Santi was a member of punk group Stiffed, which recorded a mini- album Sex Sell (2003) and studio work Burned Again (2005). Both of them were produced by Bad Brains' Darryl Jennifer. Santigold is the mix of punk, reggae, grime, and indie rock with electro.

First singles (“Creator” and “L. E. S. Artist”) of musician have got positive marks from online editions. “Santogold” (2008) is her first album, which recorder with the helping of John Hill and Check Trees. Then performer realized mix tape Top Ranking: A Diplo Dub. Soloist made a tour under the title “Goldrush Tour” with MIA, Coldplay and Bjork. Besides, she opened concerts such singers as Jay Z, Beastie Boys and Kenny West. In 2011 she produced new song “Go”, which was written with a helping of Karen O from the group “Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs”. The leader of Stiffed has cooperated with Major Lazer, Mark Ronson. Woman presented new CD in 2012 “Master of My Make Believe” (2012) and took a rest for her baby (son Ravek). In February 2015 songster presents new work – third album “99 Cents”. Three tracks from this folder: “Who Be Lovin' Me”, “Can't Get Enough of myself” and “Chasing Shadows” have already been fallen. This album featured partnership with B.C. and Love Makonnen. Singer's massage from this album grows higher and higher as lyrically as musically. Santigold's music can be characterized as an impulsiveness and rashness music of the strong girl. Star's works are a wide collection of rhythms, deep feelings and grooves. The woman always says, that she didn’t make music for herself, she always thinks, first of all, about people who listen to this music. In supporting of her last work “99Cents”

Santi has already announced her North American tour “We Buy Gold”. It will hold In Spring 2016. The schedule of circuit has already filled, so you can choose any suitable concert date for you. This scale tour will be in Denver, Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Canada and Philadelphia, etc. Her performances will begin from 21st of March at House of Blues in Houston continue until 5th. May. Critics provident a great success to this concert tour. This concert tour is going to be amongst the most popular in this year. So, if you are among Santigold's fans, or simply want to get a lot of pleasure, go to buy tickets for her spring concerts, which are promising to be full of emotions and drives.